The Snow Competency Centre

The Ski- and Snowsport's centre for practical knowledge in cost- and energy efficient production, storage, grooming and preservation of snow

The project is important with regards to reducing the energy footprint in production of snow, both in Norway and internationally. This can contribute to a more sustainable snowsport, and that children and adults can enjoy artificial snow without being at the expense of the environment"
- Norwegian Minister of environment and culture, Ola Elvestuen, 2019

About the Centre

The aim and goal for the Centre ( is to help prolong the possibility to ski, jump, slide and compete on snow:

  • in todays and our future warmer climate
  • at low elevation and on todays existing arenas, venues and ski destination centres

The Centre will research, collect, summarize existing and new information and knowledge, as well as suggest solutions for:

  • Snow production in the most cost- and energy effective way
  • Snow storage in the most efficient way
  • The best grooming methods and preservation of the snow to achieve good snow conditions for as long as possible

To succeed in this, the Centre will:

  • Present results from international research and operator experiences in a practical and simplified way
  • Organize seminars and workshops with and for experts, venue operators, ski clubs and organizers
  • Initiate and coordinate practical research projects
  • Provide timely answers and advice to relevant questions from the World of ski- and snowsport

Granåsen, World Championship venue for 2025, is testing it’s new snow systems

Granåsen arena on the outskirts of Trondheim, Norway, is this week distributing its snow-storage onto the competition courses. Those courses are planned to be used for the 2025 Nordic World Skiing Championship, but more importantly right now, for the January Norwegian National Championship. Granåsen has stored snow for several summers now (about 15 000 cubic […]

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French ski resorts turn to hydrogen in drive for CO2-free snow

From Bloomberg Green ( France’s 250 ski resorts will switch to hydrogen-powered snow-grooming machines as they seek to make good on a pledge to cut direct CO2 emissions to zero by 2037. Diesel-fueled grooming machines produce 94% of the carbon emitted by French ski resorts, with the running of lifts and snow-making equipment accounting for […]

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Solden World Cup

Solden opens the alpine World Cup in great conditions by using water injection. Twenty-six men and two converted Pisten Bullys with one spray bar each with a width of 14 meter were used. The water was injected at a distance of 10 cm at 30 bar (the water will go to a depth of 30 […]

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