The Snow Competency Centre

The Ski- and Snowsport's centre for practical knowledge in cost- and energy efficient production, storage, grooming and preservation of snow

More efficient snowmaking technique being tested in Spain

The Barcelona Institute of Materials Science (ICMAB-CSIC) and the Tourist Agency of Catalonia have together with Techno-Alpine started the 3-year project Snow Laboratory to test whether a new kind of production technique can increase snowmaking efficiency. According to the research manager, Albert Verdaguer, the new production technique is more similar to what happens in nature […]

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Difficult snow conditions for biathlon in Oberhof

Even one of the world’s most experienced World Cup organizers can struggle to provide good snow conditions.  World Championship and World Cup organiser Oberhof received complaints about pebbles and dirty snow on their courses when the biathlon venue opened for training the day ahead of the first scheduled World Cup competition this past week (4-7 […]

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Challenges with preparation in advance of Ski Jump 4-hill Tournament

Of all the snow venues, ski jumps are perhaps the most challenging to prepare, especially if plastic (for summer jumping) is installed on the landing hill.  The organizers of this year’s 4-hill Tournament really got a challenge in their lap when an avalanche happened on the famous Paul Ausserleitner hill in Bischofshofen just before Christmas. […]

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About the Centre

The aim and goal for the Centre ( is to help prolong the possibility to ski, jump, slide and compete on snow:

  • in todays and our future warmer climate
  • at low elevation and on todays existing arenas, venues and ski destination centres

The Centre will research, collect, summarize existing and new information and knowledge, as well as suggest solutions for:

  • Snow production in the most cost- and energy effective way
  • Snow storage in the most efficient way
  • The best grooming methods and preservation of the snow to achieve good snow conditions for as long as possible

To succeed in this, the Centre will:

  • Present results from international research and operator experiences in a practical and simplified way
  • Organize seminars and workshops with and for experts, venue operators, ski clubs and organizers
  • Initiate and coordinate practical research projects
  • Provide timely answers and advice to relevant questions from the World of ski- and snowsport
The project is important with regards to reducing the energy footprint in production of snow, both in Norway and internationally. This can contribute to a more sustainable snowsport, and that children and adults can enjoy artificial snow without being at the expense of the environment"
- Norwegian Minister of environment and culture, Ola Elvestuen, 2019

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