Granåsen, World Championship venue for 2025, is testing it’s new snow systems

Granåsen arena on the outskirts of Trondheim, Norway, is this week distributing its snow-storage onto the competition courses. Those courses are planned to be used for the 2025 Nordic World Skiing Championship, but more importantly right now, for the January Norwegian National Championship.

Loading up trucks at the snow-storage site (Photo: Helge Johansen)
Snow on the courses prior to grooming (Photo: Helge Johansen)

Granåsen has stored snow for several summers now (about 15 000 cubic meters), but has also upgraded its snowmaking systems considerably the last two years. Their conventional snowmaking system is now fully automatic, uses high-capacity tower-guns in the stadium, efficient fan-guns around the main competition courses above the stadium (where temperatures are often marginal) and with snow-lances around their newest 1.5 km course below the stadium (where the temperatures are often colder than the rest of the venue).

New tower-guns in the stadium (Photo: Helge Johansen)
Snow lances along the new courses (Photo: Helge Johansen)

French ski resorts turn to hydrogen in drive for CO2-free snow

From Bloomberg Green (

France’s 250 ski resorts will switch to hydrogen-powered snow-grooming machines as they seek to make good on a pledge to cut direct CO2 emissions to zero by 2037.

Diesel-fueled grooming machines produce 94% of the carbon emitted by French ski resorts, with the running of lifts and snow-making equipment accounting for the rest, Alexandre Maulin, the head of industry group Domaines Skiables de France, said at a press conference on Friday.

The ski lobby is working with France’s Alternative Energies & Atomic Energy Commission and the three main suppliers of grooming machines — Germany’s Kaessbohrer Gelaendefahrzeug AG, Italy’s Prinoth SpA and local producer CM Dupon — and expects the first hydrogen-powered snow groomer on the market in five years.

“Yes, we are a source of pollution, the ski area, we’re going to deal with it,” Maulin said. “The first work will be to help with production of hydrogen-powered snow groomers. It’s a priority for all the manufacturers.”

France’s largest ski stations typically replace their snow groomers every five seasons and smaller ones every 10 years, Maulin said. So the entire French fleet of grooming machines could be switched to hydrogen over a decade, after a period of testing and working out bugs, he said.

The tracked machines, weighing over 10 tons, on average cost 400,000 euros ($469,000) a piece, according to Domaines Skiables de France. Manufacturers will recuperate R&D costs for hydrogen power in the price of their snow groomers, Maulin said.

  • French ski resorts invested an average 379 million euros a year between 2016 and 2019, with 10% of that spending on snow-grooming machinery, according to Domaines Skiables de France
  • Snow-grooming machines accounts for 94% of French ski station’s direct emissions, ski lifts 4% and snow-making equipment 2%
  • The French Alpine resort of La Plagne, the world’s biggest by number of skier visits, has 30 snow groomers to maintain its 225 kilometers of runs
  • France has introduced a 7 billion-euro plan to use hydrogen in industrial processes and transport to cut its carbon dioxide output by 6 million tons by 2030
Electric grooming machine (Photo: Kaessbohrer AG)

Solden World Cup

Solden opens the alpine World Cup in great conditions by using water injection.

Twenty-six men and two converted Pisten Bullys with one spray bar each with a width of 14 meter were used. The water was injected at a distance of 10 cm at 30 bar (the water will go to a depth of 30 – 40 cm).
The result is a slope that creates fair conditions through the entire competition.

Photo: Solden World Cup
Photo: Solden World Cup

The launch

The Snow Competency Centre site – – was launched September 9th, 2020, and communicated by several organizations:

Norwegian Ski Federation
The Internasjonal Ski Federation (FIS)
Save Our
The Norwegian Department of Culture and Sport
Norwegian Biathlon Association
Norwegian Sport Federation