Partners and contributors

The Snow Competency Centre is the practical part of the reseach project Snow for the future.  It is important that good research leads to useful and practical knowledge.

The partners in the project are: The Norwegian Ski Federation, the Norwegian Biathlon Association, the City of Trondheim, SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The Snow Competency Centre is initially a web-based centre. The website will be enhanced and further developed based on input and knowledge gained from venue operators and event organizers, as well as from current research. The main target groups for the web site are small and medium size ski clubs and venues that wish to increase their knowledge and operational expertise, as well as gain useful hints and ideas for an eventual venue upgrade.

The group developing the website consists of:

  • Camilla Claussen – Sintef
  • Marit Gjerland  – Norwegian Ski Federation
  • Mads Mørch      – Norwegian Ski Federation
  • Vegar Rolfsrud  – Norwegian Biathlon Association
  • Christan Gedde-Dahl      – Norwegian Biathlon Association
  • John Aalberg      – Main author

The experienced team reviewing the contents of and suggesting enhancements to the site consists of persons from:

  • Holmenkollen venue operations, Oslo
  • Granåsen venue operations, Trondheim
  • Nes Ski Centre, Romerike
  • Vassfjellet Winter Park, Klæbu
  • Simostranda IL
  • FIS (Atle Skaardal) and IBU (Johnny Rognstad)

The authors and contributors

The content of the web site is put together by the main author, but parts of the text are summaries and excerpts from guidelines and manuals published by The Norwegian Ski Federation, FIS, Skiforeningen and the Norwegian Ministry of Sports and Culture. The following persons have been responsible for the guidelines most referenced:

Per Nymoen and Hege Blichfeldt Sheriff (Grooming and course preparation, Cross-Country)
Per-Arne Gjerde and Alfred Andersen (Ski jump arenas)
Geir Ødegård Olsen and Marit Gjerland (Snow production and grooming, Alpine)
Claes Högström (Snow/Terrain parks)
Morten Roa (Advisor, Ministry of Sports and Culture and the Norwegian Ski Federation)
Nikolay Belokrinkin (FIS Alpine Competition Manual)

A physical centre

It is a goal to soon open a physical Snow Competency Centre. This Centre will be located at the Granåsen World Championship Nordic venue in Trondheim, with Vassfjellet Winter Park as an alpine partner.

The future Granåsen as a ski- og snow competency centre