The Centre plans to host annual seminars and workshops with the focus on the topics of snow production, snow grooming, snow storage and snow preservation.

The goal for the seminars and workshops is to present and discuss research and knowledge that can become a practical benefit for all levels of venue operators, events organizers and ski clubs.

Workshop November 2017

A seminar was held soon after the startup of the “Snow for the Future” project in 2017. The following presentations give an overview of the first phase of the project:

Future seminars

The first seminar for the next phase of the project will be organized in the fall of 2020. More information will be available in September.

Seminars by other groups

The Centre for Snow Competency aim to collect relevant information about snow production, snow preparation, snow storage and snow preservation from around the World. Several other groups are working on these subjects, and the following seminar (with videos in English) “Snow on Tour” was organized by “Snørik” during the Cross-Country World Cup “Ski Tour 2020” in February 2020.